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    • Bashford, Luke, Wu, Jing, Sarma, Devapratim, Collins, Kelly, Rao, Rajesh, Ojemann, Jeff, Mehring, Carsten
      Concurrent control of a brain-computer interface and natural overt movements
      2018 J Neural Eng, volume: 15, issue: 6
    • L Bashford, D Kobak, J Diedrichsen, C Mehring
      Motor skill learning leads to the increase of planning horizon
      2018 bioRxiv
    • Mahmoodi A, Bahrami B, Mehring C
      Reciprocity of social influence
      2018 Nature Communications, volume: 9, issue: 2474
    • Mehring C, Burdet E
      eLetter to BMI control of a third arm for multitasking
      2018 Science Robotics, volume: 3, issue: 20, supplement: eLetter




    • Bashford L, Kobak D, Mehring C
      Motor skill learning by increasing the movement planning horizon
      2015 arXiv, pages: 1 - 45

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    • Witte M, Galan F, Waldert S, Braun C, Mehring C
      Concurrent stable and unstable cortical correlates of human wrist movements.
      2014 Hum Brain Mapp, volume: 35, issue: 8, pages: 3867 - 3879
    • Gharabaghi A, Naros G, Walter A, Roth A, Bogdan M, Rosenstiel W, Mehring C, Birbaumer N
      Epidural electrocorticography of phantom hand movement following long-term upper-limb amputation.
      2014 Front Hum Neurosci, volume: 8, pages: 285 - 285
    • Lee, Yeon-Su, Cho, Yun S., Lee, Geon K., Lee, Sunghoon, Kim, Young-Woo, Jho, Sungwoong, Kim, Hak-Min, Hong, Seung-Hyun, Hwang, Jung-Ah, Kim, Sook-young, Hong, Dongwan, Choi, Il J., Kim, Byung C., Kim, Byoung-Chul, Kim, Chul H., Choi, Hansol, Kim, Youngju, Kim, Kyung W., Kong, Gu, Kim, Hyung L., Bhak, Jong, Lee, Seung H., Lee, Jin S.
      Genomic profile analysis of diffuse-type gastric cancers
      2014 Genome Biology, volume: 15, page: R55
    • Fischer J, Milekovic T, Schneider G, Mehring C
      Low-latency multi-threaded processing of neuronal signals for brain-computer interfaces.
      2014 Front Neuroeng, volume: 7, pages: 1 - 1


    • Milekovic T, Ball T, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Mehring C
      Detection of error related neuronal responses recorded by electrocorticography in humans during continuous movements.
      2013 Plos One, volume: 8, issue: 2, pages: e55235 - e55235
    • Pistohl T, Schmidt TS, Ball T, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Mehring C
      Grasp detection from human ECoG during natural reach-to-grasp movements.
      2013 Plos One, volume: 8, issue: 1, pages: e54658 - e54658
    • Choi, Hansol, Kim, Dae-Shik
      Planning as Inference in a Hierarchical Predictive Memory
      In: Neural Information Processing
      2013, Neural Information Processing, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, issue: 8226, pages: 17 - 24, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, ISBN: 978-3-642-42053-5, 978-3-642-42054-2


    • Kobak D, Mehring C
      Adaptation paths to novel motor tasks are shaped by prior structure learning.
      2012 J Neurosci, volume: 32, issue: 29, pages: 9898 - 9908
    • Milekovic T, Fischer J, Pistohl T, Ruescher J, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Rickert J, Ball T, Mehring C
      An online brain-machine interface using decoding of movement direction from the human electrocorticogram.
      2012 J Neural Eng, volume: 9, issue: 4, pages: 046003 - 046003
    • Pistohl T, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Mehring C, Ball T
      Decoding natural grasp types from human ECoG.
      2012 Neuroimage, volume: 59, issue: 1, pages: 248 - 260
    • Milekovic T, Ball T, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Mehring C
      Error-related electrocorticographic activity in humans during continuous movements.
      2012 J Neural Eng, volume: 9, issue: 2, pages: 026007 - 026007
    • Lim, Jae Hyun, Choi, Hansol, Park, Jun-Cheol, Jun, Jae Young, Kim, Dae-shik
      Learning spatio-temporally invariant representations from video
      2012 The 2012 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), pages: 1 - 6
    • Park, Jun-Cheol, Lim, Jae Hyun, Choi, Hansol, Kim, Dae-Shik
      Predictive Coding Strategies for Developmental Neurorobotics
      2012 Frontiers in Psychology, volume: 3
    • Demandt E, Mehring C, Vogt K, Schulze-Bonhage A, Aertsen A, Ball T
      Reaching movement onset- and end-related characteristics of EEG spectral power modulations.
      2012 Front Neurosci-switz, volume: 6, pages: 65 - 65
    • Tangermann M, Muller KR, Aertsen A, Birbaumer N, Braun C, Brunner C, Leeb R, Mehring C, Miller KJ, Muller-Putz GR, Nolte G, Pfurtscheller G, Preissl H, Schalk G, Schlogl A, Vidaurre C, Waldert S, Blankertz B
      Review of the BCI Competition IV.
      2012 Front Neurosci-switz, volume: 6, pages: 55 - 55
    • Choi, Hansol, Park, Jun-Cheol, Lim, Jae Hyun, Jun, Jae Young, Kim, Dae-Shik
      Reward hierarchical temporal memory
      2012 The 2012 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), pages: 1 - 7
    • Gurel T, Mehring C
      Unsupervised adaptation of brain-machine interface decoders.
      2012 Front Neurosci-switz, volume: 6, pages: 1 - 28
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    • Park, Kyung-Do, Park, Jongsun, Ko, Junsu, Kim, Byung C., Kim, Heui-Soo, Ahn, Kung, Do, Kyoung-Tag, Choi, Hansol, Kim, Hak-Min, Song, Sanghoon, Lee, Sunghoon, Jho, Sungwoong, Kong, Hong-Sik, Yang, Young M., Jhun, Byung-Hak, Kim, Chulhong, Kim, Tae-Hyung, Hwang, Seungwoo, Bhak, Jong, Lee, Hak-Kyo, Cho, Byung-Wook
      Whole transcriptome analyses of six thoroughbred horses before and after exercise using RNA-Seq
      2012 BMC Genomics, volume: 13, page: 473
    • Waldert S, Tushaus L, Kaller CP, Aertsen A, Mehring C
      fNIRS exhibits weak tuning to hand movement direction.
      2012 Plos One, volume: 7, issue: 11, pages: e49266 - e49266


    • Braun DA, Aertsen A, Paz R, Vaadia E, Rotter S, Mehring C
      Online adaptation and over-trial learning in macaque visuomotor control.
      2011 Front Comput Neurosc, volume: 5, pages: 27 - 27
    • Choi, Hansol, Park, Saegeun, Kim, Daesoo
      Two genetic loci control syllable sequences of ultrasonic courtship vocalizations in inbred mice
      2011 BMC Neuroscience, volume: 12, page: 104


    • Park, Young-Gyun, Park, Hye-Yeon, Lee, C. Justin, Choi, Soonwook, Jo, Seonmi, Choi, Hansol, Kim, Yang-Hann, Shin, Hee-Sup, Llinas, Rodolfo R., Kim, Daesoo
      CaV3.1 is a tremor rhythm pacemaker in the inferior olive
      2010 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, volume: 107, pages: 10731 - 10736
    • Braun DA, Waldert S, Aertsen A, Wolpert DM, Mehring C
      Structure learning in a sensorimotor association task.
      2010 Plos One, volume: 5, issue: 1, pages: e8973 - e8973
    • Braun DA, Mehring C, Wolpert DM
      Structure learning in action.
      2010 Behav Brain Res, volume: 206, issue: 2, pages: 157 - 165





    • Gong, Sungsam, Park, Changbum, Choi, Hansol, Ko, Junsu, Jang, Insoo, Lee, Jungsul, Bolser, Dan M., Oh, Donghoon, Kim, Deok-Soo, Bhak, Jong
      A protein domain interaction interface database: InterPare
      2005 BMC Bioinformatics, volume: 6, page: 207
    • Morrison A, Mehring C, Geisel T, Aertsen AD, Diesmann M
      Advancing the boundaries of high-connectivity network simulation with distributed computing.
      2005 Neural Comput, volume: 17, issue: 8, pages: 1776 - 1801
    • Rickert J, Oliveira SC, Vaadia E, Aertsen A, Rotter S, Mehring C
      Encoding of movement direction in different frequency ranges of motor cortical local field potentials.
      2005 J Neurosci, volume: 25, issue: 39, pages: 8815 - 8824
    • Gong, Sungsam, Yoon, Giseok, Jang, Insoo, Bolser, Dan, Dafas, Panos, Schroeder, Michael, Choi, Hansol, Cho, Yoobok, Han, Kyungsook, Lee, Sunghoon, Choi, Hwanho, Lappe, Michael, Holm, Liisa, Kim, Sangsoo, Oh, Donghoon, Bhak, Jonghwa
      PSIbase: a database of Protein Structural Interactome map (PSIMAP)
      2005 Bioinformatics, volume: 21, pages: 2541 - 2543




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