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Neurobiology and Neurotechnology


 Group Picture July 2015





Motor skill learning leads to the increase of planning horizon

We investigated motor skill learning using a path tracking task, where human subjects had to track various curved paths at a constant speed while maintaining the cursor within the path width.....

bioRxiv,  2018


Concurrent control of a brain-computer interface and natural overt movements

A primary control signal in brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) have been cortical signals related to movement. However, in cases where natural motor function remains, BCI control signals may interfere with other possibly simultaneous activity for useful ongoing movement. ....

Journal of Neural Engineering, 15(6) (2018)


Reciprocity of social influence

Humans seek advice, via social interaction, to improve their decisions. While social interaction is often reciprocal, the role of reciprocity in social influence is unknown. Here, we tested the hypothesis...

Nature Communications92474 (2018)


James Paper Fig1a

Modifying response times in the Simon task with transcranial random noise stimulation

Perceptual decisions pervade our every-day lives, and can align or conflict with inbuilt biases. We investigated these conflicting biases by applying transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) while subjects took part in a visual Simon task ...

Scientific Reports, 715633 (2017)





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